12 marzo 2015

Jacob will always be Jacob

This night I started watching The returned (new American series based on French series Les Revenants) and I couldn't focus on anything else that thinking "what the hell is Jacob doing there?".

This made me think about how many actors are still linked in my imagination to one specific character, some times dated back to many years ago.

In my mind Mark Pellegrino will always be Jacob from Lost.

But also Matthew Fox will be Jack, Evangeline Lilly will be Kate, Jorge Garcia will be Hurley, and Josh Holloway will be Sawyer (and Benjamin Linus is only Benjamin Linus). Six years together aren't so easy to forget.

Changing the show... I'm sorry Alexis Bledel but you'll be Rory Gilmore still a few years. As well as your mom Lauren Graham will be Lorelai.

How many tears I cried when Anthony Edwards alias Dr. Mark Green from ER died for a brain tumor? It's still a shock when I see him alive, playing and aging fine.

Harry Potter, you can try as much as you want to pretend to be an actor, but I'll never believe that your real name is Daniel!

Matt Le Blanc is Joey from Friends. As much as Joey is Matt.

No more slayers deserving this title after Sarah Michelle Gellar (alias Buffy Summers). And what about bleached and supersexy Spike? What's the name of that actor again? (James Marsters, fyi)

Robert Englund hasn't even a face himself: he's recognizable only with a pock-marked mask on, a scissors glove and a vintage red and green striped sweater.

Rowan Atkinson created his own alter ego Mr. Bean and can't live without him since 1990. Even if the tv show ended in 1995.

Everybody knows that Leonard Nimoy was actually Mr. Spock, even if he wrote a biography: "I'm not Spock" in 1975. In fact he stepped off in 1995 with his true biography "I am Spock".

How many other living characters can't I remember right now? I'm sure there are still hundreds of them! And there's one thing that actors who play their roles should be proud of: they are all immortals!

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