27 novembre 2014

And While We Were Here ...

Looking for youth, looking for a sense in this life, finding out that life must be lived and it's not only time passing.

Settled in sunny and beautiful (but not glossy) Naples and Ischia (a small island just in front of the city), And While We Were Here was a sweet surprise.

First because I didn't expect anything from this movie and I felt like I discovered a small pearl. Then because I found out about this young and incredibly talented actor Jamie Blackley, playing funny and spontaneous Caleb, who's perfectly matched with pointy and tormented Bosworth's character. Loved it! Read more on Imdb


And While We Were Here è ambientato a Napoli e Ischia in un'assolata estate italiana (non quella appena passata!). Racconta l'incontro di un'americana, in viaggio di lavoro col marito musicista, con un ancor più giovane americano trapiantato a Ischia e che è esattamente il contrario di lei.

Kate Bosworth ha uno stile impeccabile, ma la vera scoperta è stata Jamie Blackley.

Davvero una piccola perla inaspettata!

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