25 marzo 2015

Fortitude and Twin Peaks: 8 similarities

I started watching Fortitude last month and I found it a perfect tv show to fill up my winter evenings. Little by little it was remembering me some details from another famous series... So I had the need to write them down to understand if they are true.

Here are a few points of convergence between Twin Peaks and Fortitude, in my opinion.

1. FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper and Detective Inspector Jack Morton: they come from the city, the civilization, and they want to learn as much as possible about the small village and its people.

2. The place: a small village rather isolated, where everybody knows everyone.

3. Weirdos: Log Lady, Nadine Hurley, The Giant waiter, are almost famous as Laura Palmer. But the creepiness of a character like Markus Huseklepp is remarkable.

4. References to Native American Culture: supernatural powers shuffle the cards during the investigation.

5. Nature is like a superpower that watch over the town and the people.

6. An evil (?) spirit that possesses different people: Bob was the evil spirit in Twin Peaks. What about the force that take over Fortitude people?

7. A witness that could reveal the murderer but is unconscious for the most part of the time and in any case unreliable: when Ronette Pulaski woke up described the killer, but she remembered him as Bob. Liam is a child and is considered still in shock.

8. Local Sheriff in love with the most beautiful and only foreign girl in town: remember Sheriff Harry Truman and his love for Josie Packard? Now it's the turn for Sheriff Dan Andersen and the mysterious Elena Ledesma.

Obviously there are also a lot of differences: no strange dreams in Fortitude! And, as a consequence, I hope in a logic solution of the mystery.

Can't wait for the season finale.

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