01 dicembre 2010

My so called life - Jordan Catalano and Angela Chase: "sex made your whole life start"

My so called life: Claire Danes and Jared Leto
Jordan : I brought your bike back. Or whoever’s it is.
Angela : So are we supposed to say something? Like official, because…
Jordan : You don’t have to say anything.
Angela : It’s sort of like when you were letting me drive your car. And I loved it, it made me feel really powerful, but also really terrified, like I wasn’t ready for that much freedom.
Jordan : Well, you should know. I won’t hold it against you if your name ever comes up.
Angela : Thanks.
Jordan : No sweat.
Angela : Because it – it is a big deal. I mean, because sex made your whole life start, and if you think about life as like a circle or something, then sex and death are the same look, I’m not I’m not saying they’re the same, I mean, I’ve thought about having sex with you, and and and God, I’ve I’ve never seriously thought of killing you, but…
Jordan : Okay. Okay. At least, you got in some driving practice.
Angela : Yeah.
Jordan : Just ah, don’t take your turns too wide, or anything. I’m sure you won’t.
Angela: Sometimes someone says something really small, and it just fits right into this empty place in your heart. [to Jordan] Your hair. Like how it’s really soft, like in the back. I’m gonna miss it.
Jordan : Yeah.
Angela : Well, I guess this is it. So…goodbye.
Jordan : Bye. See you tomorrow.

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